Cladding Garsfontein

Cladding Garsfontein is a beautiful way to enhance your ceiling by means of installing separate ceiling panels and this application is very quick to install and easy to look after. Especially in wet rooms, PVC panels are an excellent alternative to decorating your ceilings and making them waterproof. They are an ideal option for ceilings in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, basements, garages and all other indoor rooms with the best Cladding Garsfontein.

The special joining system available today is particularly well suited to cladded ceilings simply and quickly. The ceiling panels and Cladding Garsfontein can be installed continuously and can bridge any length and ceiling spotlights can be easily built in.

PVC Plastic is a non-hygroscopic material and does not absorb water, the advantage of this in a for instance bathroom is that steam from the bath or shower will not be absorbed into the ceiling. So unlike a traditional plastered ceiling which can go mouldy from steam absorption, Cladding Garsfontein  will not go mouldy.

A huge decorative plus is the ability of the ceiling to be installed with downlights and is a great way of concealing wiring. Downlights, also known as spotlights, are popular upgrades in bathrooms and kitchens but require additional wiring runs and holes to be drilled in the ceiling. Cladding Garsfontein  are perfect for covering over the damage to the existing ceiling caused by the downlight installation, so no need for the ceiling to re-plastered skimmed and painted.

These ceilings are easy to clean using any household cleaners or a damp or dry cloth. Plastic ceilings simply need a quick wipe from time to time to keep them looking like new.

PVC cladded ceilings do not need painting. No more weekends spent painting and repainting bathroom ceilings with expensive paint. Plastic ceilings come in the chosen colour ready to install.