What is a low-maintenance option for my ceiling?

Ceiling cladding is becoming a hugely popular choice. This type of ceiling cladding is easily installed in a kitchen or bathroom or indeed any room in your home or business. Best of all, it can be laid directly on top of your existing ceiling without the mess or cost of a complete replacement.


My ceiling is being damaged by a leak. Do I have to have it completely replaced?

A leaking ceiling is not something to ignore. However, it doesn’t always warrant a complete replacement. After the cause of the leak is established and repaired, a professional ceiling repair assessment by a reputable company will establish this for you. It is always advisable to contact a repair company the moment a leak is discovered to prevent further damage and higher cost. A great variety of options are available to you as far as type and cost of the repair is concerned.


I need a new ceiling. Do I have to go with the traditional plaster option?

The material used for a ceiling should be appropriate for the room’s purpose, and there is no shortage of ceiling materials to choose from. Some common choices are drywall, plaster, wood, tile and metal. Popcorn is a common ceiling texture. Cladded ceilings provide the added benefit of being water-proof and low-maintenance – especially popular for the use in kitchens and bathrooms. In a nutshell, ceiling options are about the finish you desire, the decorating possibilities you seek and the overall cost and maintenance of your ceiling option.

These days there truly is a ceiling to suit every budget and every taste.