Ceiling repair is always a daunting thing for any household – you hear horror stories of dust and damage and it takes literally ages to get done. I must say that we could not be happier with the services we received. The workers we very careful with safety and we were never left with any materials in and around our house during or after the installation. Everything was done in such a short time (we expected it to take much longer!) and I am so sure that these guys will be my choice in future for any other ceiling issues. Our compliments and they come highly recommended.

George von Willigh


We had to replace the entire ceiling in our lounge and kitchen in our house following a burst pipe on our second floor. Unlike what we expected, it was an absolute breeze. When we purchased our property, we could never have guessed that we were actually stuck with several leaks and incorrect pipe pressure around the home until it actually caused and issue. One can only imagine the drama around having several ceilings replaced but I cannot stress enough how neatly and quickly this job was done with absolutely no mess left and the finished product looks awesome. It feels like a brand-new house now and I am so tempted to have the rest of the house done as well. The sales and billing service was way above par and there was none of the ‘unforeseen costs’ one so often is charged with after the job is done. Great stuff, guys!

Hansie Groenewald


Our office was hit with a heavy hailstorm last month and although one hopes for the best, unfortunately, we started seeing big wet patches appearing on the white ceiling. The guys who came out to inspect the damage were quick and efficient and although I had all these panicked questions to the salespeople, they were incredibly patient. Not only do we now have a secure and brand new ceiling, but our business and productivity were never disrupted. I want to thank this amazing company for taking care of a really bad situation so well.

Ashraf Khazi